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Hopkins E-mail Alias Page

Who is entitled to a free alias ending in
All JHU alumni, including former house staff, CTY, and Bologna certificate holders.

What is an "e-mail alias" and why is it a great thing to have?
An e-mail alias is like a nickname -- you choose it, it's easy to remember, and it can follow you anywhere. If your regular e-mail address is, you can set up an alias of or even (You may use any name or word you prefer as your alias, provided that it is not already taken by another user). Any e-mail sent to would be forwarded to your AOL inbox, and you can check it with your regular AOL e-mail. E-mail sent to would still be delivered, as well. The best thing about an e-mail alias is that if you change e-mail service providers, your alias will continue to work. Simply update your alias information on this page to include your new information.

Please note that the alias is not an e-mail account, and does not have its own "inbox." You will not be able to check your e-mail on a JHU website; you should continue to check your e-mail at your ISP website, or by using a program such as Outlook that is configured to check your ISP e-mail account.

This Year's Graduates: Important Information About Your E-mail Account
If you are remaining at Hopkins as an intern, fellow, employee or student, your email account will continue without interruption. If you are leaving, your email account will remain active until at least August 31. After this date your email account may be deactivated at any time. You will be given 7 days notice before this happens.

To obtain or modify your alias before August 31, go to the JHED login page Be sure that your alias forwards email to an active account and not your JHU account, which will be terminated after August 31.

To obtain or modify your alias after August 31, log in above using your alumni ID. Your alumni ID will be mailed to you.  Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 410-516-0363 or with any questions.

The e-mail alias is a privilege afforded to you that is intended to be used for personal communication only. The University reserves the right to change its policies and procedures with regard to its e-mail system from time to time. Please be aware that registering an alias will make your name and alias available to the entire internet community.