First Time JHED User
First Time JHED User Step 1: Enter your JHED Login ID OR search for yourself first by following the instructions at the bottom of the page.
If you need additional help, review myJH Help for detailed instructions.
If you are aware that you have multiple JHED accounts, please contact the IT Help Desk at 410-516-HELP (staffed 24hrs) to avoid complications and allow the issue to be reconciled.

Please do not perform First Time Login for a new account if you already have another JHED ID.

A member of the JHED Team will be in contact with you within one normal business day.
Please Type the Characters in the Image Below

If you do not know your Login ID, please search for yourself using the people search available on the previous page on the lower left.

  1. Enter your Last Name in the text field that says "Last, First" and click on the Search button.
  2. A list of results will appear listing all the people with your last name. Once you find your name in the Search Results screen, click on your name to view detailed information about yourself.
  3. On your particular page, look for the field in big, bold letters titled "Login ID:". The ID appearing next to this field is your LID.

    If you cannot find your name, or see the Login ID is not visible (when searching from off-campus), please contact one of the following:

    • Faculty and staff can obtain their JHED Login ID’s from a manager/supervisor
    • Students can obtain their JHED Login ID’s from the Registrar’s office

    If you have questions about JHED, please contact the IT@Johns Hopkins Help Desk at 410-516-HELP.
    Note: Helpdesk employees are not permitted to provide students, staff or faculty with their JHED ID’s. If you are unable to locate your JHED ID, you will need to contact one of the authorities listed above.