What is JHED?

What is JHED?

The Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) system is an online, comprehensive source of contact information for Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions faculty, staff and students. JHED is a MAJOR element of the myJH portal. Without JHED, our ability to identify, authenticate, and personalize for you would be impossible.


Your JHED Login ID

Your JHED Login ID (which is also referred to as  your JHED ID or your JHED LID) is the username that you use when you log into the JHED system. Many resources at Hopkins use your JHED Login ID to grant access. Examples of such resources include JHU email, course registration and employee payroll systems. You will be required to use your JHED Login ID and password to log into myJH. 


Enterprise Authentication

Johns Hopkins Enterprise Authentication provides for centralized authentication and single sign on (SSO) access to an increasing number of web-based applications at Johns Hopkins. JH Enterprise Authentication uses your JHED Login ID and password. Once you have logged in, you can access any resource protected by JH Enterprise Authentication for the duration of your browser session without having to log in for each resource.