How do I update myProfile?


myProfile, your entry into JHED, is where you'll control account information about yourself in a Johns Hopkins context. Within myProfile, you can change certain information about yourself, control visibility about your personal information, change your password, opt into Emergency Alerts and more.

There is a workflow built into the myJH portal that requires each user to review this information on a regular basis. Every six months, you will find an "Action Required" alert, which will present only myProfile to you until you either update or confirm the data within this page.

How to update myProfile

1.  Go to the myJH homepage at and click Login.



2. On the subsequent Enterprise Authentication screen, enter your JHED Login ID and Password.



3. Once logged in, click the myProfile icon, located near the top left of the screen.



4. Within myProfile, you'll notice a number of tabs, applications and data fields.



5. Some of the items within each tab are editable. Make changes to these as needed.


6. When complete, click the Save myProfile button at the bottom of the screen.



7. If an item is unavailable for editing, it must be edited through a Departmental Administrator. Click the View My Departmental Administrators link to view who these are.



NOTE: If you do not have a departmental administrator and need to update certain information that is not editable via myProfile, please contact the IT Help Desk at (410) 516-4357.