How do I set spam quarantine options?


Spam is considered unsolicited email, often of a commercial nature, that is received by an email user. Email that meets the criteria of being spam by IT@JH is deleted by default. However, active Hopkins users have the option to receive a digest of messages filtered by the spam quarantine service.

How do I set spam quarantine options?

1. Go to the myJH homepage at and click Login.

2. On the subsequent Enterprise Authentication screen, enter your JHED Login ID and Password

3. Click the myJHED tab and locate the Spam Quarantine Options link.

4. Within the Spam Quarantine app, you will see your active email address(es) affected by Spam Quarantine. 

5. By default, spam messages are deleted and no notification of these messages is sent.

6. If you'd like a summary of messages identified as spam, you may request a daily digest by:

a. Setting your preference within this tool to "Quarantine opt-in with digest

b. Clicking click the Submit button