How do I set my online visibility?

Setting online visibility allows you to control how much of your information appears in JHED.

Customize what is shown to your contacts, other Hopkins users, and to the Internet.

How do I set online visibility?

1. Go to the myJH homepage at and log in using your JHED Login ID and password.



2. Click the myProfile icon.



3. Within myProfile, you'll notice that many attributes have a Show To dropdown menu associated with them.

- Options include: World, Hopkins, My Contacts, and No One.



4. Choose which attributes you'd like to display in JHED and specify to whom these are shown by selecting your preference from each available dropdown.



5. You may have the option to suppress your record entirely. To do so, specify No One from the dropdown associated with your Full Name.


       Note: Some employees do not have this option.


6. Once you have adjusted your settings to suit your preferences, click the Save myProfile button at the bottom of the page.



7. To view yourself as a Hopkins user, click the View myself as a Hopkins / intranet user link, located near the upper right of the screen under Visibility Settings.



8. To view yourself as an Internet user, click the View myself as a World / Internet user link, located near the upper right of the screen under Visibility Settings.‚Äč 



NOTE: Photo preferences may be ignored by certain Hopkins-related applications in which patient safety is a concern.